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Austin McBroom

John Burrell has been coaching and training the youth for over 20 years. John started training my son Austin McBroom at the age of 5, working with him on the basic fundamentals and understanding of the game. John worked with Austin for over 10 years, helping him become a division 1-basketball player. John’s ability to relate, develop and communicate with kids of all ages and different skill sets is off the charts! We were blessed to have John in our lives, not just as a basketball coach, but also as a person.

– Allen McBroom

Father of Austin and Landon McBroom famous reality you tubers and former Division 1 basketball player


Shon Tarver

John’s Playing career is detailed with passion and dedication which resulted in many accomplishments. He played and excelled with several professional players at the highest level of college basketball Division 1. John is a visionary that is committed to leading the next generation of athletes to the same level of greatness that he experienced.

– Shon Tarver
Former UCLA great and professional basketball player

Markus Carr

John’s ability to play the game at a high level allowed him to accomplish many things through the game of basketball, his extraordinary work ethic was like no other athlete I’ve seen. His ability to break the game of basketball to a science has allowed him to develop some of the top talent in the country.”

– Markus Carr

Former CSUN great and NCAA assist champion