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Boxing Program Coordinator

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Dojo Boxing is a specialized boxing program for boys and girls

ages 5-17 and adults can also join the program.

We have training programs for the recreational student and those who wish to compete in the sport. Since boxing is 25% physical and 75% mental. We place an emphasis on mental preparation. Through inspiring enthusiastic instruction.

The student will learn how to execute various punch combinations. How to defend and evade punches. Proper footwork. Proper Weight management and nutrition. We offer competitive programs for the serious student who wants to participate in amateur boxing events.

Through consistent attendance and positive participation the student will feel improved Cardiopulmonary health. Improved reflexes. Increased dexterity and muscle flexibility.

We implement Zen principles which enhance ones focus, visualization and concentration. Through a color glove system a student gains promotion within the program. Call to schedule an assessment.

Recreational program

For the recreational level program we offer brief 45 min of heart pumping low to medium intensity rounds that focuses on 1-3 punch combinations footwork instruction and defensive execution all packaged in the time previously stated.

Competitive level programs

For the ambitious level boxer with intentions to compete on an amateur or professional level we can assess the current level of the fighter and insert he or she into the dojo ranking system.